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Music Artist | Singer-Songwriter | Event Host & Organizer

Ms. Crystalline is a Third Culture Kid. A music and arts advocate, music artist, singer-songwriter, and event organizer & aspiring producer. 

She organizes music jams and community Open Mics and is the artistic director and creative mastermind of World Extravaganza, an Open Mic Community Music and Arts Organization, and her passion project.

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There's one quote I want to share from a friend, and that is:

Trial and error can be fun, but perfection can only slow you down
— Abbee Diamante

As an artist, we often have blocks that prevent us to continue with our art.  I am certain we have all experienced this, especially as artists, blog writers and songwriters. 

I haven't blogged or created art recently these few months, but now I am making a creative come back again with a promise to push myself as an artist.  I dabble at a lot of things and I can say I'm a jack of all trades and a master in none, which can have its advantages and disadvantages. I want to do everything, but because of the lack of focus on one skill set, I often end up doing nothing in particular and just be mediocre in all skills. I have to remind myself to take it slow and do it one step at a time. I can do everything, just not all at once. Which makes sense, because at the end of the day, as an aspiring director and producer, I'd want to understand and make my way around all of these skill sets.

Another quote that I remember doing calligraphy back in middle school is:

It’s better to try and fail, than to fail to try”

At times it's difficult to see the destination and the path to where it leads. Just like often times we journey through life discovering the path as it changes as it constantly reveals to us the reason to our destined purpose.  Like art, that's the way it is. You don't have to know all at once how to put the puzzle pieces will come together yet, but it's only when you experiment with trial and error, that's when you'll see what kind of masterpiece you'll come up with and figure out how you want the puzzle pieces to come together.  It is important that we just try.

I took one video editing class and one photography class in college, and the first time back in the day years ago I felt a great frustration of not knowing what to do in front of the computer lab and constantly thinking about the final product. My perfection has always set me back, I have to admit it still sometimes does and it scares me to try because failing would disappoint me tremendously.

But this time around, I recently I created the videos below of the events with elements of photography and film, in the process I learned that trial and error can be fun.  I was in a relaxed state of mind to experiment with sound and visual elements.  The elements just flowed together. This video right now it is a simple puzzle piece project, but I know it will be more complex and complicated to put together in future projects, but I just have to tackle it day by day.

Check out the videos I created:

E-Free Movie Festival at E-Free Diamond Bar Church (June 9) 

Troy "Red Hots" presents: Limi7less (Limitless) Spring 2017 Dance Concert 

Often times we don't realize it, inspiration and art is everywhere and you can catch them in small moments when you observe the small things and moments in life.  My favorite part of the first video is seeing the elements of music come together as I put the visual of the scene where the girls receive the balloons.  It was accidental and it turned out pretty neat.

I volunteered to create a video for the movie festival at church, and doing so reminded me that art is about all about the process. It's about experimentation and trial and error.  That is the only way to progress.

We don't need particularly great gadgets to make art. We can be inspired to create art with what basic equipment or material we have for now. The beauty about photography and film is that it captures moments. There are no limits but the mind. I will be pushing myself to keep creating, letting things flow and let things come on its own, and keep growing and progressing as an artist.

I created these after reading a couple of How-to-create-a-video online articles. This is a start, since it is a short five minute reel that documents by summarizing an event.  No story inserted yet, but it could be something I could work with in the future. 

I might want to venture into documentary film making, event content marketing after learning all this. All this is leading me to accomplish the end goal. I'm excited to keep progressing with the opportunities that this can lead to and may come.

So don't forget! Practice your art.  Practice is progress, don't reach for perfection. :)


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