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Music Artist | Singer-Songwriter | Event Host & Organizer

Ms. Crystalline is a Third Culture Kid. A music and arts advocate, music artist, singer-songwriter, and event organizer & aspiring producer. 

She organizes music jams and community Open Mics and is the artistic director and creative mastermind of World Extravaganza, an Open Mic Community Music and Arts Organization, and her passion project.

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My first cover ever recorded was by my guitar teacher, Ruben Ramos, after college in the U.S. circa 2008. This was almost ten years ago! I first uploaded this on MySpace, and to this day it's still up there.

The song is "Someone Like You" by Linda Eder from Jekyll and Hyde (the musical). I actually haven't seen the musical yet.

Now I've uploaded this track on SoundCloud. 

When I was 18 years old, I wanted to record covers at home and put it on SoundCloud and YouTube.  I did just that, but I found that writing original songs generates emotional catharsis and once a track is done, it's there to stay for a long time to mark your artistry. Reflecting on this track, to this day I've really come a long way. I sound so shy and scared in this recording. I do sound a bit different and mature now, though my vocals could use a little more honing this day.

I wonder what kind of songs I would've written if I started writing original songs at an earlier age before 2012.

But, it's really better to be late than never. I want to encourage others and urge beginning artists and musicians to take a leap and step forward to be a genuine and true artist to themselves. Inspiration is everywhere, take your time even if you're not a full time musician and if art and music is a hobby for you. You're going to have to start that way till you hone your craft. You never know where it can take you.

I'm currently working on my EP Album. I think it's the right step into the next direction. If you're going to do something, go all the way. Rest if you need to, but keep it going and don't stop. Take baby steps toward the goal. It's a good idea to have something published out there to show what I can do first, then I can have time to finish the whole album. Perhaps then opportunities will come knocking. You never know who will find your musical work along the way.  Although, don't have too much expectations, it'll be what it'll be. 

Ultimately, I feel fulfilled to this day, and I've found acceptance as a musician and artist in where I am in my place and time, even if I only get the opportunity to share my music at Open Mics. I want to take my time, make music for as long as I can get inspired and see my progress. I want to meet people with the same goals and visions.  I want us to encourage each other to start and begin their craft. My first original songs are nice and simple. Sometimes looking back it sounds quite silly why I wrote them at that time. But above all,  I truly hope it brings delight to others, and more importantly, that it may be a catharsis for my emotions. I really had a great time working on them.

Well you know, sometimes life gets in the way of making music, but that's the way it is. We all have struggles we have to go through to define who we are, but we could choose who we want to be.  We decide what and how we want to express ourselves through different mediums.

To close, I want to share this article You'll Never Be Famous - and that's OK written by Emily Esfahani Smith from the New York Times opinion section.

I like this quote:

You don’t have to change the world or find your one true purpose to lead a meaningful life. A good life is a life of goodness — and that’s something anyone can aspire to, no matter their dreams or circumstances.

I just want to be good and kind person, bring people together through music, and of course keep making music that I hope people can appreciate.


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