The Voice of Ms. Crystalline

Music Artist | Singer-Songwriter | Event Host & Organizer

Ms. Crystalline is a Third Culture Kid. A music and arts advocate, music artist, singer-songwriter, and event organizer & aspiring producer. 

She organizes music jams and community Open Mics and is the artistic director and creative mastermind of World Extravaganza, an Open Mic Community Music and Arts Organization, and her passion project.

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 Photo Credit: Jessy Justo

Photo Credit: Jessy Justo

A Third Culture Kid (TCK), born in Taiwan, raised in the Philippines and Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., Ms. Crystalline is the Creative Mastermind of World Extravaganza, her passion music and arts life project.

Passionate about her music and arts advocacy, she hosts and organizes regular shows, community music jams, and Open Mic events in Metro Manila. She strongly believes that every voice should be given an opportunity to be heard and that everyone has a story to express, whether directly or vicariously through others.

An event organizer,  producer and artistic director, she aims to create extraordinary events, each a masterpiece curated from the most raw, rare and newly discovered talents starting with the beloved country she calls home in the Philippines. 

An inspirational and motivational speaker involved in the Toastmasters International Community, host & emcee, she hopes to become an influential voice by creating and bringing out prevalent topics for discussion in themed events. She strongly believes that dialogue is necessary in the present time. 

A talent pool and community manager within the World Extravaganza Open Mic Community, she leads and works with the team in inviting the best talents suitable for every themed masterpiece.  She values connecting people, building relationships and friendships with everyone she meets, works and collaborates with.


A writer and blogger, she hopes that by blog writing and sharing her personal experiences, she is able to inspire, empower, and help others in making a difference and change one step at a time.

Filled with passion, love, truth & authenticity, and doing all things with purpose, she is also the editor, writer, and event coordinator of the Tunay Arts Movement, and an associate partner of a Purple Sunset Productions.

Lastly, as a promising independent singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist, she continues creating music to emphasize the importance of the therapeutic healing experience through the cathartic use of art. Along the way,  she hopes that in sharing her songs drawn from personal and inspired stories, others can be encouraged to re-claim the creative artist in themselves.

Believing that those who are pure in heart, full of love and passion, and purposely driven to use their work of art as a vehicle to make change and progress to society, deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated for the beauty, truth, and talent they share with the world.  As an influencer, Ms. Crystalline hopes to contribute her share in someday raising a properly recognized platform that equally represents each musician, artist, and performer.



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