The Voice of Ms. Crystalline

Music Artist | Singer-Songwriter | Event Host & Organizer

Ms. Crystalline is a Third Culture Kid. A music and arts advocate, music artist, singer-songwriter, host and Open Mic event organizer.

She organizes community music jams, Open Mics and spearheaded World Extravaganza, an Open Mic Community Music and Arts Organization in Manila.

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Photo Credit: Jessy Justo

Photo Credit: Jessy Justo

A Third Culture Kid (TCK), born in Taiwan, raised in the Philippines and Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., Ms. Crystalline is an independent singer, songwriter, recording artist, and open mic organizer. She continues to create music to emphasize the importance of the therapeutic healing process through the cathartic use of art. Along the way,  she hopes that in sharing her songs drawn from personal and inspired stories, others can be encouraged to re-claim the creative artist in themselves.




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